An inclusional delude. Click the pic to lend a skewed view, and introduce yourself to our roster of tenuous water-tasting back in Maine, of a time when we fled with jabs and eerie prospects cross country to a state that nervously grew us up in salt, and then, like sodium chloride, begat an ossification practice. By good scratch we were absolved and dissolved these tenses with rackets and hocks, of which we will assuredly fill the future pat mapping addicts with; and so if that bores a stance of off-pudding, then scribe the highs to this visage of what then?

Well and well, it's been a minutia. Our travels to the hinter and beyond and thems beforetimes memories, coupled with the sinks or stinks of hot tomato recollectional; ultimately things are a grab bag of yeah mementos and pills consumed for tonsil reeking. As it turns out, errs aside and adjacent lessons uncoiled, we too, have been busy, and suchly thus, have decided to deliver a sense of norm by re-scribing sturgeony omens per this particular time stamp. What better than to try and keep a dialogue going, as in, fuck it, here's a bunch of stew we're attempting to cram into the urn and make sense of things. To backpedal a wink, this is what we used to do:
One version

and another rendering

and another

and another

... all in all, all in aid of leaving trails; every upload we do tries to remember to tether to another onager loping in the steppes. One might suggest that a favoured hobbyhorse of ours is that of the embedded link. Make everything clickable, by gums! With that said, make sure thine browser can permit embedded audio, too - a number of years have passed, and the glum proprietary Safari has made it very difficult to listen to all the lovely stuffings we've jammed in amongst the html code. As of this date, which would be mid-May 2o24, we suggest using the Chrome browser while perusing our website. In the meantime, we leave you with these latest exports into the otherly, our latest dishes, so to speak, that is if we're still talking stew.

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