in a nutshell, well, not to abuse an overused metaphor

we are, um, you know, in the thick of things, and while, assuredly

still here, as you are too, as you're trying to read this here long silly scrolling sentence, which, as things and similes and metaphors go, hopefully is at least more entertaining than the death knells of flipping through social media, er, tedium, rather, in manners aptly coined in terms we all attribute to doom

that is to say, however is that while we appear to be not engaged, we are, and and the same time, are also taking a break, and jeez who the hairy knuckle is gonna actually have the patience to be reading this when they could be doing any number of enlightening things or activities, for example: tying shoes using dental floss, flossing one's teeth using shoelaces, scraping one's tongue with a filing cabinet drawer, putting several one cent stamps on a cinderblock and hoping it will arrive at a destination (which isn't a nice thing to do to your postal delivery person, although it conjures a neat image), thinking at great length about every word that begins with the letter H (which, again, is kinda silly, almost like one is in kindergarten again, but then, as adults, isn't that also a way of primarily engaging the game playing portion of our noggins, ie., enables and fosters mental expansion? don't cheat by using a dictionary or your damn phone, btw), and, other examples, which we can certainly continue to list, as actions or deeds to keep these days interesting such as, oh, nevermind

anyway, if you can get through all of this and have the wherewithal, constitution, stamina, intestinal fortitude, et cetera fill-in-the-blank meme of able to withstand the blows of time life books cascading off the shelf during a tremolo solo temblor type event, for giggles, and we don't mean to make light of earthquakes, so, for chuckles rather, just click the pic for some sporadic and very likely nonverbal updates

in a nutshell, that is