cramping bland

sowing the err

keeping it lean

but ox & try angles

port & able iotas

you'd best heave

of note, more or or less

a dote, coral tress

ass town clod

with hamburg and flower

(this) round object enclosed

(his) regularity deposed

CIRCLES (entitled)

ardent quirk L's (untitled)

a nice man no's

a lesser son balks

hiss little hoes

between the hills of rattle and ache

a serious way to earn money

and then we have an impoverished theatre

but not on top of his yoke

s/kin condition

those noirs and graze (TDT)

placation is a doughy hay

(es enthralled) T/hiny binders

for taught (minus S) & oic obsermating

a hood chunch linker

location is shunning an erstwhile

winterized footwear; on the pole

long way to the swab

celebrating an afternoon blister

sharing and Karen

barn noise to high plains

rolling asunder, continuing corresponder

a wet November Warsaw (collab w/ XV Parowek)

another wet November Warsaw (collab w/ XV Parowek)

walking click and minus

your internal awl (duet w/ Al Margolis)

a modern popper glandular (duet w/ Fritz Welch)

and a plottist's nonstop hawk (duet w/ Fritz Welch)

A Butte for Huso, one must, eh?

A Butte for Huso, excerpt, for your nibbles

done pluralistic (collab w/ Lineland)

and I cope well, thanks

spelled out and hunkered (ensemble)

live on KPSU (duet w/ PCRV)

another live on KPSU (duet w/ PCRV)

and another live on KPSU (duet w/ Soup Purse

Pie as a Height

happenstance is a warm glum

Shoe me in for a caber, lamb

namesake sez it, Perry C

octopus transistor double bend


nine four days


A peduncle for your rambunctious bunker

messages in the trails, maybe?

parry the longstanding glance

Humming things incapable

something said nicely

Herring Loiter

it really is, actually, now that you think about it, kind of neat


teenage lance potty

implicit plan for expulsion

transmitted in replacement Morse Code

but before you go

wishing you were ear


a film about you

a film about them

a film about us

a film about the west

a film about knowledge

a film about february

a film about june

deposed depot

fingers digging, oolong due

laid over shapely

Apostle crier

man dyspeptic tong

robust & fonted (in a parking lot)

slink & wink

Antiseptic Song

An innocent dimple; a trial for a bluebird yellow, circa then, not tao

thoughts on illicit rubs in corner drug storks

sound of an itch


furry, waah, and tables


pleasure your peasants, too

vzz: explicit and carefug

out on a veto, hammer switch

pis/h rong rong naire hlup

busking for lip rolls

blowing for chin polls

A clinical clatter of clique inklings

Monhag/Ode to the Workin' Mange

scrape it, kuggins

... milt ruse (not good)

taking a LASHING tease

stimulated verve (shit shit shit ah ah ah)

... running about one's house 11.05.06

complicit corporacrat

On the loan departmental lyre

locked up keepsake; a Victorian tale of sin(th)

excerpt from 03 03 03 Half The Beast: Just You and I

Don'tcha know, don'tcha know


Flood ganges


Morte pour

with candor and glower

How many qua's

isn't wart you thank

buttons bye, any hover maine

Celebrain everyfink

trappist mothers...

Wrong key, Reiche

triangulating moment

cheggout those camo pants


huso sightings (gdansk beet)

excerpt from Killing Still Lifes

excerpt from Codger Balks at No Eel(Deal)

You Need It, Then It Comes

Plagues the Lose



Boy, can we count

Quality not quantity

So yeah, like you're spinning shit again


yet not the prettiest occasion minded

Chad and peddy

Nostalgia Beach

Excess and obsess

and secret maps!

that said

many ears a priori

seque; promising

Live in Montpelier (covering "Yesterday")

Been dreaming of toilets

Egad; thine 'rotch


And thinking of loo

And a hole within a whole...

And a home without a far heir

... tome for the holy diver


strutting that meme

no sham in tying