So strikes the whoah glitch, that time has passed amassing many links here parts but without credible mapping. Am thinking the above html provides some codex to satisfy the unsettling and unseating sense of disorganized linens, although to our chagrin, most pages preceding 2012 fail to load properly. In addition, it's evident that the lump-of-a-browser installed with either Mac or PC will ensure further discouragement in terms of loading plug-ins; we suggest Firefox for auto playback of embedded A/V, of which there's a'plenty. Anyway, yeah, click the above question mark for ample days lost, head-scratching disappointment, and possible IQ lowering.
We did.

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Gaumy pushing sensorials and peasantry retorts (to this here empirical decline) can be accessed by uncovering and pressing on this photo, which one has to identify in the following legislative term of deepening hux re. foibles of merde (eek, ahhh).

Sometimes we'll get a kindly offering from a rando graphic design hack with weights to get off their chest, summing up our non-Microsopffft-engineered web presence as in dire need of their midas touch. It's right up there in the thumpety thump of thrombosis-inducing cringe when sum phucterd suggests that one's noise would be so much more bootlickable if it just had beats. And so, dear hemogobblers, we rebuke thine swindlesome interloping with the following edicts on hardware uniform system operations.

Well, yeps. It's a time for starving out the old ideas, attenuating, recreating, and allowing bettering ideals to froth, go forth, see where they may land. As such, the wheels spin and keep us in headphones busy. No typer's regret in the need to scrape the creosote forms from calcified bell frying habits; listening is as important as shuttering coughs and riding bikes where the old men can't getcha. Dig.

So, this fckr came up, wouldn't you know, and no telling how the sines riddle them's gems hidden and all, what while the hick scoffs and fails to latch the unclosed vapors. Seemed like a good idiom at the time, but the era is a birch, peeling vicarious plumes to fodder. For an unample clarification diet, clicky click the pic for a tiny eye into our own malodorous whiffingdom.

An uptick in the hump, these days weakly pass on and ever forward into the under. We have spent ample scourgings with the viral denial, and exhausted to the core having findings only to be yolo credos mounted in tallow, a lugubrious spunk junking inclinations to ascribe libertine functionaries. There's clearly no salve. Groan up (sic) to only re. see boots finding tongues, spam dunkers, aloft in the bumpshit dump-kin of marinated obsolescent addle midrift triple k-klan murky dispellers and hardly meant-wells, and so henceforthwithstanding, a most sullied accoutrement becomes one's art; periodicals haw-hawing it, declaring it non, an essential none, ie., deemed moot, and, sigh: deficient with attn. span, adulthood, logic, mindfulness, the spawn resumes, whilst ire bangs uselessly on its crusted pie eyeing the draft transformative, maelstrom sans mask, and holiest grails backlit in crept shadow cretinous opine, further fetid, pekid aplomb, akin cousin kissing last month's trowel contesting oniony wreaks; reeking dog damnable new normal, shamgasmic masquerades.

The odd lob of daubing nobs with ankle deep sob story mobster tomes seems be the appeal id incongruous of this rusted daze leery in the murky old spandex receding endure. One cannot putter too unruly for fret of the whirly-pigs will combover and hover incremental ad hoc drop cop slobber in the luster dumb antic whilst we stare in torpor at them's the eel, vista screen embodiment and sized rightly so. The corpse steaming, a pile as it was never before in such frisking stoic toadlike butte mattress, buffered uncle nay-born sieve to sport annex and finger fucked hairy ledge, a heritage crisscrossed in apple semen genetic failure, or teats for aptitude formulated in cries of burps and faux nudes. Fist good candor, minded as rankling the sleep this god gory fraudster gropes teams of children, stealing souls sold aberrant regal trusted lays weary sins of jerky reaking preceding endearment. Fun candles clutter up the rue unrealistically for credo spiraling outward to frocks sheeted head gear stolen bedding omnicidal previously bleating road scholastic folly, collapsing platitudes in the glees of hiccups, slaughter, and neighborhood banking pollution.

The spells of lyme and cherished sways leave much gusto to be retained. And so, learning curves are attached, proxy envelopes stuffed with two line instructions, per Tzara, and reassembled while shoving chairs around an empty classroom.

Nevertheless its bidding was underpinted by scores of air slips and neatly tucked heir supply. Ensuing counterwails were bevvied heretofore in a spate requiring long distance monocles, taxation graphing measures for purposes not yet realized, and whimpers culled from actions authenticating chewing steel scrubbers & dictaphone recordings of underwhelming sighs.

For a preview, purvue of our countenance in times being (such as they are: namely, those oppositionally akin to quaking squeaks of an orange sunburn demi caloric, hankering to threaten, omnicidal in its bluster, all the while whilst showering its golden on its own bunkered toes), privy to thine ears then, this manifest at the behest of our own middle digit and choir, ahem...

Likewise, the follow-woo'ing films proceed to circumvent delusions of exceptionalism by aligning themselves with forces anti-profa, anti-hoohaw, and plentifold agenda inscrutable to the err apparent, pardon the pixelization...

Recipes encoded via dryer flint exposure. Click herr Sturgeon's armpit for treatise accumulation by our man with the plan, J. Soliday.

Asking for a friend, an err apparent these weighs could procure more than an ilk to be with you by all accounts (several) and servility at an utmost! Seeing the the (and the) interrogative having little pedagogical pathos with learned orator sequins, this braying wood had furtive clings, in an ointment carrion, so to speak, vermouth additional, cartilage insinuated, that the (et al) data roster impeccable airy peccary lint had parlance ways to parentally tease the (these) cold case proposing ore then wilt token wooed service station bluster cut moist! Peeing in the wind brought questions featuring few pedestrian ethics minus educational formats burner clay food (case study) imperative wings (of which there were plenty), din the the (and them) rarity, so in speaking foul mouth, subtraction, carting rage insistent, this rotor imposter pecking sibling dairy blunt hid the (the, being those dirty) parlor rancid forays to orient and fleece this moldy face.

Seeing the unsavory scenic over and under again between our linty legs and fumes, this reissue decided to make haze into the ether other. Stylish frottagists amongst yourselves can always inquire about obtaining a free version of this, or, if the digital suits, then by all means...

We were initially a little resistant to performing online. It just seemed a pinch indulgent, like, what the hell's half halo did we have to say during a time of peeps contracting a terrible virus, an ineffectual yet anti-humanity gumbmint leading us down the toilet bowl, etc. What would be the point? Then again, there's the very silly & soothing, very human ethos in just makin' stuff... we're also all alone these days, up to our armpits in our own devices, denials, tomfoolery, and shin scrapings. Eh? Why not give it a shot? And so, after a few screen tests with an actual computer, the necktie seemed to feel quite at ease with the snorkeling procedure. Like the mange says, we are all in this fishtank together.

And meanwhile, a veritable gravy session of interwoven counter-mountains has begun in earnest. Our pal, Jason Soliday, has issued a response critique & formula for our unabridged recipe for manufacturing facsimiles of haute cuisine involving acipenseridae. His synthesis can be obtained in view, with proper seating and dining cloths, right here.

Busier members of the genome can dial in the same timing, sing along, or enable an audio guide by gently pressing the following supplement:

Meanwhile a memetic torpor has its floe on, into, and through the dire crimp of this hiss day and rage. We are not, by any stretch, prepared for the work involved in order to bring constituents overboard and on into our steaming pot of roe. Would if we could? Hygienic paper aside, perhaps it's a simpler mask to turn on the fan and have a re-read of our above recipe? Better toilets and gardens, my darling grapes.

Hello. This website is a bothersome glitch in the eye of inner ear canal surfing only to disco prance into abutting lard pockets and dense lairs of hired hugs with zero parlance for distancing, shrugs, broader slump rich in my from outer rear kernel spoofing singularly to heavy beat rancid botox hard soccer mom and fence chairs of desired tugs along hero poor dance three steps away. Greetings. Our dregs slight still lucks out on irritation factoring snitches inside piles of beard channel perfume sold in single dingle slant on rutting shard tucks at land dunce prayers siring pugs width marrow tsar chance pissing, bugs, godlike shrimp flinch on dry formation gout leer colonel puffy tingle airy flu heaving cleat flaccid Clorox petard schlock monger end suspense seating required plugs song Nero door glance tree schlep avast. Bleatings.

A recent serial into hogging care waifs on or toeing the wearable listing portent had the lenders pretending to sky gaze along wastrel bougie dough berry talk slogging dares hinting the share-spurt what-it-all sorted cresting door lint bender pretext zing toupee lye rays inside of chaste roll doogie slough Larry stalk slacking plots bogging mares o' the ensnared snort hat-you-gonna gum me slayer riffs corporeal decent gore tent intending son friar jays endearingly water clogging cherry pointed piggy snuffs dressing rabbit poop shunt lore greeter grating aches towards oracles wisely inspiring flinging sly ways ending next pasty forum hullo Mary stacked conspiracy taught swamping mesh tuned soonish France sleepover sombrero reality licker ducking the passive crass fables for four year old corporals comparing fascist garb way station blogger hoe recipes as the following buck hack asperse sneaker armature cortical bunted with a zest tide ruing soup course pocket pariah layover jacket.

Keeping up with the tradition of kindling a heresy when the combs came to, eventualities calling, ilk duds, sloping to an E, hissing recanted, and lowing: (home, hearth, and H-balms), we would put these roosters on the fence for an easy access portal consideration, as it were, towards conditioning the mental aspic, treating milk as ally, and assuaging this fervent prairie worship and shit tears indentation. Sometimes one felt little impulse, but that all fled the coop once these timely seasonal recipes arrived:

We step back into a moment of descriptive conjoining. This new decade proffers its wares in the following guise, which isn't all that disguised from our previous endeavors in radio, casting pods, cod, what have you. In the same huff, we felt it should at least be rendered grammatically in manners less-problematic, although these days, a shrug ensues any attempt at sense management, for in doing so would have all the appearances which render tinder to something nuclear - tempests in teapots that incite flames or mannerisms not fit for traumatic after-effects of bad dental work.

On occasion the neuter would collude in time with lock key louts and dig an endocrine thirst for which we every now and then could neutralize wooden collisions end clocks alongside loch leeward touts in order to burrow an or doctored rind first floor switch they never sow and zen cord moisturize foodie pollutions sending crocks loan slide wok knee board trout sin border loo cure oh Ann Arbor rink tryst lore flinch hey Frau leavened sore friend gourd cloister fried hoodie solution trending mocks drone snide pock tree bored grout shin hoarder poo choir tow gland harbor think wrist galore winch tray crow heavenly shore glen toured luster cried pudding dilution wending talks homegrown beside gawk tea soared drought shine scorecard flu dryer slow bland cupboard blink schist Dolores since allay glow seven C roar blender mustard plied rutting delusion Brendan frocks foam tome reside stalk flee drawer.

The heartiest decry of salve and poignant saliva meant coronary debris for slather and poised gaunt floral merry Debra fort slobber end Boise gall deplorable parry rubber snort lobster tend Rosie Paul depot Larry tugboat port roadster rendering cozy LOL report fairly lug gloat chortle lodestar pandering choosy AOL teapot farthing smug bloat toward dull explode spar pant leg floozie eh oh capital L tiki lot father slug cloak tower pull expo sparrow plant egg collusion geode lap at all HELL sneaky cot bother shrug smoke scowl pug expose borrow pilates dregs pollution Leo addle spell squeaky court brother hug S&M oak cower nugget repose.


A cretinous nude leer descended on top of pop. We had him covered, bearing in mind that the lime leaves would have little affection with his rendering of earlier portraits, but one still had to sink. Tethering this notion to a far flung capsule, we centered ourselves a bit, what with it being well and good that, in order to chime with the ides ad nauseam with a smirk and reactivity, why budge when his lank wouldn't shear for fear of tithes?


Boy. It was a garish gnaw onto the hinter into unto this little finger twitch which had dust kettling the sakes out of our dawning oceans of seance prawn and dire eared laser feigns on a twiddle vulva lying oink as the pried seapers had bled the dearly from our petty ingres and trollop hence nay fencing month two smallish winger snitch crust nettles the hackney tout from early sunrise potions dream-states and sand warped viola trials labeled in volvo plying doinking sounds per-the pariah repair people shed rarities forming a postulate levy anger and wallop wince fancy hay lancing moth pew crawfish hanger chaw gnarled rust settling the fakes pout to this we-yawning, ie., Toy.


Within the confines of irrational non-doing and hunting down splays of self-foreboding methodology in terms of recycling cardboard headgear and its ilk, phylum, et al, (read: group familial hugs and mantra-conduit surplus overstock, what with their plinky stuffings and cordial alignments), these following photo-crops announce bifocal copper hew and silicone tantric, and by strange coincidence, herald a last outing of the decade.

Not to be inferred (by sin & terroir-forming) vis-a-vis, this devilry, mind the vous & nous...

So much time passes in a loop or as pair of stained flare-jeans featuring sailor buttons where the botox sits. I hadn't had too many game-punches to face up or out with, namely the entirely different reasoning being that most sporting creases favored another wry, perhaps too many lips, or simply criminal with a ripe grind in lieu of countenances fever-pitched or pinched rightly in places the pajamas couldn't wrestle night after night once candles and smelts bereaved their analogous posthumous allure and staid mussel memetic mnemonic ironic father poker & mom pocket locker choke bowl and cower misting. What it all catered to intention-wise and dry, was a massive indirectly clout-boasting in humble haggard read-my-hips, once lisps got outlawed or at least levied into tort law random operational proportioned to locket change, sauce garments, oyster lotions, and bawling stations. All the would've could've, calendar aphasia in delay repeats resembling dirty cowboy zipper intentions during iotas reckoning facial seating, one possessed, and rightly so, simply lame hunches, owned up to several variances of crevice, serving other lies, mouth appendages, and jail time minus the fruit stench preferring high-fives and squeezed just-so, where pate refused rustling day by day twice lard light in sardine beaver heir languished dead elope and stray hustle hermetic moronic icon dad sticky mama lint container spoke on occasional bouts in bowler bovine dew drops.
The answer always being:

Alternatively, there's the easy way in:

In the meantime, we have been asked if the caravel has a different set of sails out in these hearts, as a number of other shipping crews still operate on older systems of antique brass as well as methods involving several trips to the workboots store. It's by no means the same trawler, but there are still conversations with brethren (whom have descended from the trees to the plains) on how to each their own and their loans tithed to new brinkmanship have in fact garnered stares into unexpected voids, and unknowable yards of felt & fat. Identifying with one's place and time is and has always had its hazards; the hearts pump a bit more purple while on this geographical metric.

That being said, the earnest amongst ye can tap this pic for a trip to yonder dims!


Well then?
What news to share. It might be inferred that we're in a state of triangulation. You see, the winds act differently, setting behaviors off into tangents that are remarkably different for us from our primal zones and alma maters. It's a little more palpable, hopefully not pallid, although our east coast brethren would insinuate something sinister hereparts, as there it is autumn, and with that all the creakiness off ill winds and the china cabinet making hollers in the death knell of imminent something something. Seasonal confounding aside, the posture in this place has its twofold mystery and strip mall. We have ceased performing borings as it's near constant surveillance in this vast basin of human interactivity; the viaduct of tourist brochure helmet-production doesn't disguise our age so much either. Keeping us afloat in the binge of ash and automobile emission is a hovering layer of whirl, a particulate noise which sates the whetting whistle with a two thousand nine reckoning. Absurd as it seems, the prescient poetry from that time is serving as causality in this present state and so, we are rolling with the punch, abutting with a glint of jacaranda leaf and alligator-clipped mettle.


pretty much


This transpired, despite retiring in a respite of perspiration, clueing into a moment of desperate separation between inspired yet tired tirades cumulating into parades, charades, and personal inflation.


up next
in-store contact microphone demonstration
at Perfect Circuit
(which so happens to be located in)
Burbank ...
... California

Little explanation required (dot dot dot)
But why the pursed lips, Captain?

A smidge of hooliganery from Frank Virgeon on Bimeo.


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Still, a learned hand would at least undo the inner tides which wrinkle. Note:


This fine pair of rescanning duets is on deck! We did a little something back along with our pal, Spreaders - if ye scroll down, it's the pic of us in full regalia, unscrolling a little knowledge from our bicorneous cabeza. Long story short, it's available in its proper VHS format. Click on the pic for details.


an erstwhile repetitive, following heir suet while an ugly man-knew (its) betterment

(followed by this little disclosure for an above-lesser, apropos of lowering fallow sloops)


and a bicorn reappearance, unfettered by inks unseen and the strange occurence therein


An erstwhile empty unfolds entirely...

meanwhile our friend cranksturgeon is delivering a turd talk

Nevertheless, we beseech thee:
O bile-ridden and contempt-forming means of conveyance, to whom doth thee desire to engage? The following plug-in reveals our latest lapse into narcolepsy.
Trust me, at this point in the career it's way more than a habit.


Dig it. Got another one for your tongue. A recent trek with the fam' made sneaking out with recorders a tad conspicuous so we did what we could, resigning to the obvious, which usually meant ignoring the fact that we'd be obliviously standing there whilst tangled in cables, contact mics, and wielding heavy audio recorders whenever the opportunity made itself randy. Still, it bears a kilt inspection. Enjoy.


What can you say?

There was an inner disagreement in using too much echo or bleepy stuff in the conduits. Many heaps had tried to filter this stuff while assuming that in doing so, their ill-foundedly despicable telephone operators would sit there twiddling their idles, all-too happy to assume the role of layabout, on hold, waiting for the next interrogative to be stated, internal umbrage applied with cavernous reverb and space soundtracks in the wiring. Several piles attempted to refine this aforementioned bulk in the insistent mindset which implied privilege to bluntly allow courteous and yet make-believe telecom employees to linger at their beckon, plenty such and contentedly simpleton, to remain obedient as one would impart onto a bovine pastoral species, and merely while the hours away, in a stasis of sorts, inching the minutes hand closer to an inquiry to have its claims laid in stone, inner-leaning agitation inserted into canyon-wide sonic wallops, bearing countless gapes, in queue for all time, never folding, and all the while wondering which topic would come up next.
I mean, is that your question?


Afternoon caffeination creation laminating a windy lo-bit reanimation supposition


We got another one! It's kinda funny, our fascination with the silly "connection is not private" image has been on preoccupation mode for the past couple of weeks; and so it anoints our podcast. The tracks below (the before & after audio / Soundcloud pieces) are also featured within, as well as a bunch of goo culled from a recent visit back east... bobolinks, water sloshes, and other strange bedfellows.




And then some

It's summer. There's been a sleepy folder clod in the matrix, regaling itself in tines and hues which, to our knowledge (or Tom), smelled of damp cardboard, memories cherished by the last day of one's childhood mammalian ween, and treasure chips, oh those two binaries, winking on and off modes to less garish beats but nevertheless as-boring-as leaving one's orgy in the field to let ticks and other pincers become advanced diets in lieu of thinking about where one dropped their latest deuce on, or more aptly, in, bellowing plume formats, rinks laid bare for mudskippers, frown crowds, or those tenacious thief teethings, and aware of their heir to the brand scamp.

Do you know him?



Currently looping our wiles amongst the relative kinetics in keeping with the blood lines. As such, our forays, albeit personal, are still fostering hopeful inertia and glare-worthy fuzzy tv stations left to keep the childmind occupied with its own peer group exasperations and none-too-mild soothsprays. Click the wink to seek out these recent rolls!


A new sense of oracular tremulousness! Falt Records just released our schlupst anthem, "Fyjk/Furd", on cassette. One can find it at their web presence by repeatedly clicking here. Alternatively, one can repeatedly click on this video.


My glaring eyed friends, have a gander at this advertisement. While we may occasionally smirk and sneer at a world inundated in variations of similar buckets of pleas, it is in our hearts to letchoo in on the glance, to understand that, even the most underground geode inhabitants require teensy iotas... think about it, what ye spend on craft brews in a week, or coffee hither & thither, or other tropes manifest in these dates of post-something something consumption. Meh? Yup. Exactly. I needn't rub it in.


click the doofus below

A rebuttal to the toxin reports we receive and perceive daily. A rewrite to the poison relays all of us interpret and comprehend regularly. A response to the pain-inducing news-feeding-troughs these folks communally and synonymously gather in a togetherness form of mind & body association and with alarming frequency. A revision to the ouch-masochist fervor fattening pens this general relatable populace simultaneously hoards as a mutual corporeal tendency.


An adaption of a reunion with recycling older (rewinds) emerged from the welt-reddened (re-doings); rightly so, and even better, the Bad Day Box now twists! No guessing what comes next unless one bravely forges pathways with a mere click of the thimble.


There's a lust for the smooch of double takes. Unfortunately, waiting for the clicks to transpire is not exactly the most expedient pathway in order to beat the band. Personally, one can unearth these releases via its binaries (these are veins or corpuscles containing fluids which, to our knowledge, are formulated primarily with the arcane understanding that, by genetically modifying lactic aid, urine, and the swill drunk readily at the troughs which line the aisles of the US Senate, one can attain a higher plane, something not dissimilar to the torpor induced by faking whiffing motions when the glass table is laid out with tidy rows of talc). Nevertheless, to date, these were discovered in the form Kool cigarette ads found throughout old issues of Bitter Ohms & Garbage. Nowadays, it's pretty much assumed that crapitalism is under siege (I know, right), and so, daring to lasso the foam released by large quantities of aforementioned inappropriate liquids (and gels) being sneakily carried onto the airplane, the entitlements of barrier, ferrier, comporting one's own derriere (with a grace so cottony slothed), said bubbles tied gently with floss bind both of us (you and me, not the senators' delightful childish renderings of picket fences, but images of kicking their buttocks repeatedly with hooves), meaning, triangle-shaped signage directing the gaze towards radical rabbit chutes; escape patterns of a sort, two way mirrors revealed in all likelihood as sedges (hold onto that thought for a second or two), something not only leaning towards an A or B answering service (conducted by those late 70's graphic designers) (and having huffed the flour enough times to create yeast nodules in the chest pocket of our mutual v-neck), but a tucker into nether reaches whose only endgame was that followed by a two-lip impression.

Unimpressed, we puckered up by means of self-inducing the following clarinet breaking ceremony:


On par with cursive aspersions, have a taken dwell on this rind fistula: once thither, you'll find that occasionally we will be widening said repository of half-wipes and handy wits by adding beacons of nonesuch blather for sole transportive means of pursed lip perversion. As scene on the TP, these momentary fluctuants may change, wrangle, and smear genes like a horseshoe fly in amber, so rake thine hair and travel loosely on over. Guano!


In case there has been any lacking stance on where we put our coffee cup this morning dire, we present the following intake value shopper:


Furthering that particular manifest chestimony, this resulted in concurring acrid stanzas, the kind seen on the television back when two shits were leavened in a sour low heat rise; but most of us were toweled with a. moist. lot., this sedge twine which rubbed heavy misses in a minus ocean seeing spout, lurid uninspired but with a twitch un-still, an insipid inscisor gnawing not on the only less hake chimerical hate rogaine (caps, usually maroon) (in flavor), butt-width hence, a t-plus flooring or lathe cut ship lapsing oolong trial (sign us up!).
Click it ________ here
or licht lightbulbs _________ thither
(ps: even if you cannot.)


Our pals at the Alien Buddha Press have given the green light on this unflappable critter, which is to say, yes, friends, behold (the end must be near) : the aforementioned collaboration with Marcel is now available, all 84 pages of it, and it even has a title, "I woke up unflappably counterfeited". Said collection can be unearthed in two formulaic channels: by simply dashing off a cheerful (or at least interesting, er, encouraging (?)) email to me, or, pursuing portals unmentionable, ie., thee amazons. Nevertheless, we've done the hard part so all ye have to do is click the link-encoded-picture below.


Ahh, the grin of new limbs and sensorial deviousnesses. We've been tinkering away on a number of varied audio components and gigglery for the better part of this spring, usually late Sunday evenings (if you want the specifics). The following promethean ghouls now avail themselves at our shop hosted by the Etsy corporation. Sneaky peaks can find precursors below (we'll feature vignettes with fewer dancing pixels in the near future).


Husoscope 2nd Edition

Temporal Knob Twirler


Well, well, and further wellsprings.
Whether or not the matter is of concern, well (?), we've engaged a little button called the SSL Certificate for this website. For those not in the know (which until recent times included us), the SSL thingie-doo is an extra wedge of security. While browsing websites and whatnot, that HTTPS heading (located at the beginning of a domain name) indicates which pages are safe; it also helps yer digits navigate cookies, bungie-jumpers, implementing per-usual avoidance practices which deter nefarious tracking biscuits. In a nutshell, it was kind of an eye-opener (not the Clockwork Orange kind, but also not-too-dissimilar), as to how many awful bastions of crumb tracers existed herein. So, we're doing what we can to eliminate. Rest assured, our intentions here in the sedimentary layers of programming and code problematization care not one wet whistle about your viewing habits or selling yer spores to the fascists.


Four score and just a few more!

Or if thee is feeling impatient, the following fledgling requires zero attention span


Three episodes and growing.
Click the pic, have a listen!


We decided to ramp things up (somewhat) with a new thought dispenser series. It all went down at Wonder Valley Experimental 11, so please click the pic if ye wanna have a look. It was a fine evening (and sizable stage) where the scrolls were free to do their cascading, oft aloft, other times, much akin to a ticker tape machine (with an endemic hiccup aberration). As an addendum, and likewise in service of this thematically-inclined resurgence of duh-conceptualism in our feverish spring fortitude, an instructional video antecedent (ie., right wing angry uncle at the holiday dinner table) is also stuffed in there, wicked soft, sort of like an ogre, but with less "grr" and more "o-god-no-not-him-again".

Speaking of Kleenex-wearing-mossbacks, our latest thirty minute cassette installment, "Allied Ogre Softness" is available for purchase! Simply utilize the dude below with a button press and follow the prompts...


We've had a number of goes at podcasting for over a decade. Not that we had any grand informative belief systems to convey or a burning itch to interview our best friends, the thrill of podcasting was always this idea that one could become one's own radio station, meaning, record-and-play-back-whatever-sounds-happened-to-be-concurrent-with-the-temporary-autonomous-zonal outlook. Back in the Myspace daze, there was a sturgeony rendering of a sort called "Ergonomic Disc Tenderly" out on Podomatic. When that went away, or rather, boredom took over, formats changed, nobody gave a shirtless shirk, the next emergence was a more thoughtful patter going by the title, "Codcast for P". This one had a decent run, spooling out a handsome handful of full length collage fritters on Mixcloud right up until a couple years ago; and at the same time was supplemented by burp-n-fart record-everything-on-your-iPhone thingie-hoo going by the name, "Portable H & Lair", which had its own separate intermittent gasps on Spreaker. But dammit, quick as a furtive wink, passwords go away, formulas once again transform, and worse for the wear, information simply disappears. What's a person to do? Don't look back too poetically; fast forward to the perpetual state of shoulder shrugs and keep on with the deeds. And so dear husophone, gaze thy nodules towards this latest entry into digitizing our schlupst. We hope it hears you well!


Coming on up, right down the midsection!


Working on a thought dispenser as a means of sidestepping certain digital tendrils. 100% analog, mind you, although not entirely secure from attributes spawn from the corporeal realm, what with all this talk of near-ubiquitous penetrative instances and incursions of a most nefarious hue and cumber, dew droplets, whatnot, sour dispositions, tiny classified mads, certain spoils inferred, ie., topical (implied), whether indicated elsewhere on pages prior, a priori, poster pried, oh and rent.

PS. Click the pic to catch it in action.


Currently boiling these tubers into needless hems. That being said, smirks do their curtain calls at some of the cacophony rearing up from the orchestrated pitting. Here's an instructional we'll never actually be able to replicate, at least under any duress.

And this little moot has been finding friends in pitch decay.


Fair sails and mercantilism!
Behold the Mini Mono SP, now available for consumption on our Etsy shop. This contact mic is very much along the similar dance steps of its forebears & rotor-rooters, the Plug SP, Plug Ugly, et al; this time marrying a terminal input of the 3.5 mm variety. Application-wise, the Mini Mono's usefulness speaks truths beyond appearance, hailing from the netherworlds of monophonic cassette recording to neverlandish eurorack noodle-dom & spaghetti wrestling.
Click the pic for a look at this rook.


In keeping with the nonsense, older less-sensical mussels more than unlikely needn't their hay in the pun. By tapping the flaring nostril below, we assure you appearances into a lasting and perhaps forgettable passage of time that showered umlauts on the state of Massachusetts. And please, for a bested interference, use the plug-in friendly Firefox. All sorts of nuisance and myspace coding can worn on that velveteen habit of yours, and ours will grin a salmony.


Good gravy, that previous entry was grumpy. We're seriously not curmudgeony types herein, despite the archaic underpinnings of our namesake and/or otherwise objectionable PR campaigns, self-martyring-deterioration-proclamations, and additional ramblings and inclinations towards a decay that might be construed as negation vs. cheery. Mind you, one isn't in this to be a pollyanna nor that of a pariah, which is entirely another topic, and potentially objectionable pursuit; sort of prurient even, in its self-flagella-ish (and by that we don't mean method of propulsion), er, anyway. Point being, well past the pointed head of entry, beyond the teething and weening of milky entrance exams into this here existence, truth be told, there ain't a load of doings or boohooing's of grandiosity in which to perplex the matrix quotidian. Instead, we're chugging along. Here are a few items of soothing seance, read into that what you will.

YouTube has been given a wee boost. We tried to do it daily, now it's back to the irregular weekly here or there, meek, oblique, and other wides

SoundCloud too! Seems to be a nice way to posit some schema that pocks the E-Z upload manifest

Started working on a book with our pal, Marcel

And other schlupst ruptures happening hither and thither, in no particular order, but sort of a backlog of malfeasance & ribaldry


The last year or several, dwelling in and occasionally fleeing from the myopic lens of hereparts and thereabouts:

Summarized by algorithms, our heads have been have-been's, by in large etched in the splatter of if & when, sequenced by tides unbeknownst, with meals served on the backs of an indefatigable bad breath knell, purging up grubs with mirroring effects, ad agencies, turncoats, and bombastic sixes. We'll take nine more to the hilt, quit for a hot liquid minute, and then cast the rest for our forebears to cycle up another sabbatical neverolution...

So spun the great pinwheel.