Two cups and a string.

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Triangle Delineations.

Tiny radio H.

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Act Shuns. Live Noises.
Office Equipment Sabotage.

Beatnik Lounge, Joshua Tree, CA 03.02.24
Glob, Denver, CO 03.30.24
Project Project, Omaha, NE 03.31.24
TriTriangle, Chicago, IL 04.01.24
Tympanum, Detroit, MI 04.02.24
Government Center, Pittsburgh, PA 04.03.24
Ende Tymes Festival, TV Eye, Ridgewood, NY 04.04.24
Noise BBQ, Los Angeles, CA 04.20.24
Hell in a Handbag, Handbag Factory, LA, CA 04.21.24
Apohadion Theater, Portland, ME 05.31.24
The Spreaders House, Upstate, NY 06.15.24
Blue Hell Noise Fest, New Brunswick, NJ 06.16.24
Buddyfest, New Paltz, NY 07.19-20.24
Otto's Abode, Wannakena, NY 07.21.24
The Masters of Sonic Liberation, Holyoke, MA 09.26.24

hOP to (the) sHOP

Camping Banded.

Tinny rodeo ACH.

Error Trysts.