shoved 'em up, did it proper, had it goaded, hand felted, really really really now, shook that temperature, surely it's up, nay, nay, next week he had a goal, next day hashed details posted and s-letters not withstanding like a cadence of fancy spills, a goal, a box, a fifty gallon hoax, tall tales, next to tomorrow, the notions, albeit friendly, that we all had to stay back, one fist up, crying and whistling some declaration, some misty pole, left to staid observations, leftover sandy crumbs in the pocket, broken doldrums, tonic and coldly sprinkled, a stain or a hickey, tucked and asunder, pouched and puckered, bellied over in a method of wrinkled mustard lips, shellfish flavored ice, pine tar and uncut jibs that made any man lame, made a maiden go all pixie on you, and made you a sad sad get over it type, love lorn, lost in the pause, glossed in shitty film, bereft of a sixties hue, a seventies sepia, a fourteen twenty arquebus misfire, a bait, a brim, a glimmer of spice to tithe the wise and preach nobilities to the pour, to the hope, his septic turn of occasional extract, a sin, a sure as hell sign, a baby to whom you simply say "don't spray the salads like that", this hind, those wine quotas, these mined reaches, the sense a smell would bowl you under, dive for deeps, leap the faith, hash the deals, repeal the oats, vote for misconducts, conduit few ellipses, say your name is lisa, go all haggling, lye to the arm, pit to the plea, and pity the fool, you didn't.