O-Fish-All Crank Sturgeon Disco-Graphy


Crank Ciudad c30 1992/self-released
Crank Navidad c30 1992/self-released
Killing Still Lifes c100 1993/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Knifeboat Youth Brigade c120 1993/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Radio Six & Other Dead Still Life c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Sonata for a Police State c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Play the Bleughsturgeon c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Wham-o c40 1994/Union Pole/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Negro c60 1994/Fusetron/Muckraker/Giardia
Vida Ruido c60 1995/Bobby J Records
Varied Purges de Nada c30 1995/Chocolate Monk
Onemancrankfolksturgeon c30 1995/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Cicada Ciguena c30 1995/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Crank ESP c30 1995/EFTapes
PØLSE: Benefit for the Rag c30 1995/Chocolate Monk
Collostomaquina c60 1995/Deadline Records
Americanoise (compilation) c120 1995/Mother Savage
EF Unplugged (compilation) c60 1995/EFTapes
Sound of Samsara (complilation) c120X2 1995/EFTapes
Split w/Wham-o, Pork Queen, King Frog 7"x2 1995/Bobby J Records
Acipenser Ziggurat c30 1996/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Esturgeonium Fanciumdada Internacionales 12" LP 1996/Fusetron
El Libro Huso VHS 1996/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Paisano c46 1996/self-released/Broken Dobro
USUFRUCT split w/John Dwyer c30 1997/self-released
A Whole within a Hole, split cassette w/Richard Ramirez 1997/Deadline Records
Split w/ Godstomper c60 1997/Cesspool Records
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (VHS compilation) 1997/Stomach Ache
2:00 Matinee (compilation) CD 1997/RRRecords
My Baby Does Good Sculptures (compilation) CD 1997/Bananafish/Tedium House
Collaboration w/ Humectant Interruption c46 1998/Spite
De Buttes c30 1998/self-released
Septembryos c30 1998/self-released
H2O in the FM (ample watery demixer and broadcast) c30 1998/self-released
RRR500 (500 lock groove compilation) 12" LP 1998/RRRecords
Audio Terrorism (compilation) CD 1998/CNP
Bloated to Full Capacity Bloodsucker, collaboration w/ Suppression 7" 1998/CNP
Collaboration w/ Skincrime CDrx2 1998/Solipsism
Depth Charge Gamelan c30 1998/self-released
Eepman Sez (compilation) CDr 1999/ELP
Collaboration W/ GI & The Spykes c30 1999/American Tapes
RRRecycled c30 1999/RRRecords
A Butte for Huso c46X4 2000/Spite
Nein Ruckus Ot ot c30 2000/Freesound Recordings
The Secrets of Men c32 2000/self-released
Boiled Baby Huso in Savory Sturgeon Oil c32X3 2000/self-released
Archipel and Encrustate c32X2 2000/self-released
You are all very good sturgeon c10 2000/self-released
Is reverence here (remixes by Witcyst) c90 2000/Life Space
Trout Mouthed and Fish-eyed Leering VHS 2000/self-released
Coven of Psychic Nurses, collaboration w/ Critical Theatre c60 2001/self-released
I love you very much you're so brave c10 2001/self-released
Crattleer Bingh C32 2001/self-released
Passion (of Crank Sturgeon) c10 2001/self-released
Your instructional kit enclosed C32/T-shirt/caviar tin 2001/self-released
Sounds from the Fuck You Movement (compilation) CD 2001/CNP
Perambulator Work Tape c32 2001/Freedom From
Mic Gravy for Freek (compilation) by Decaer Pinga CDr 2001/Starlight Furniture Co
Call of the Wild (compilation) VHS 2001/RRRecords
For Maps Brupt Ropte Shipt c32 2001/self-released
Breakfast with Crank Sturgeon VHS (short) 2001/Walter Wright
Pod for Accoutrement CDr 2002/Mang Disc
Split w/ Mike Shiflet c60 2002/ Gameboy Records
Huita EEl c30 2002/self-released
Black Circle Cod c30 2002/self-released
One Hun and Twenty c30 2002/self-released
Spoken Word by Noise Artists (compilation) CDr 2002/EFTapes & Breathmint
Split Your Ears (Pleasure Idiomat)/Split w/ Discotheque Gronland CDr 2002/Stillstand Records
Motion Pict Saur CDr 2002/XVP
Antiquations Dutch Hoax, collab. w/ Truck Van Rental c30 2002/self-released
Michiana, split w/ Due Process CDr 2002/RRRecords
Breakfast with Crank Sturgeon, collaboration w/ Boyd Nutting CDr/2002/RRRecords
Be Very Afraid "Electronica Obscura" (compilation) CD 2002/Dead Mind Records
Experiments in da Hinterland (compilation) CDr 2002/Sonic Alchemy
Life's Great Rewards c30 2002/self-released
Split w/ Kadef c10 2003/ RFTS
SOUN (compilation) 7" 2003/Gameboy Records
Truck Van Sturgeon Collaborations CDr & Booklet 2003/Hondenkoekjesfabriek
The Portable Hake Atavist 3" CDr 2003/Mang Disc
split w/ The Nautilus Deconstruction c10 2003/RFTS
Imperative Field Decorder (snorkel tube with bottom-feeder microphones installed) CDr 2003/self-released
Upon My Discovery of the Huso Dead Pan Lair, 12 " LP 2003/RRRecords
Split w/ Ripit & Seimers, CDr 2003/RRs.R
Chamber Music, Mystic Out-Bop Review meets Rev. Crank Sturgeon CDr 2003/Aria Arts Recordings
Hora for a BIG FISH whore, CDr 2003/Rape Art
Promotional Video By... VHS 2003/self-inflicted
Good Looking Communists, Tochnit Aleph Punk Series Vol.3 (remixes), 12" EP 2003/Tochnit Aleph
Cottage Industrial Vol.1 (compilation) CDr 2003/Humbug
Live at Akumulator, split w/Susipank CDr 2003/Susipank
The Date Fork Seeps the River (compilation) 12" LP 2003/Nauscopy Records
Hubris Huso Whoso Antebellum, CDr 2003/self-released
Split w/ Tote Stadt, CDr & c60 2003/Scrotum Records
E-Z Voiceover Box-Top Living Solutions, 7" 2003/Humbug
de Hondenkoekjesfabriek 2003 (compilation) CDr 2003/Hondenkoekjesfabriek
Rotkop #7 (sport issue) (zine & compilation CD) 2003/Rotkop
Dixieland, split w/ XV Parowek CDr 2004/XVP
Greatest Dicks 3, Cock ESP w/ remixed guest appearances 3" CD 2004/Breathmint
030303: Half the Beast, Just You and I (collaboration w/ Id M Theft Able) CDr 2004/Mang Disc
Old Cholk Codger Hereparts (ie., Hooligan Epochs, Atlas Thugged) CDr 2004/Audiobot
Crank Sturgeon has a combover landscape tapir CDr 2004/self-released
The Secrets of Men (reissue) CDr 2004/self-released
Crank Sturgeon Builds DREAM HOME CDr 2004/self-released
Impermeable Michael c10 2004/self-released
Miss Latimer's Gift c30 2004/Gameboy Records
Barely Parable (seizure overseas yore series) c30 2004/self-released
Split w/ Gastric Female Reflex 7" 2004/Beniffer Editions/Gold Sounds
Crankt Sturgeon Hause (remixes by Witcyst) CDrX2 2004/Life Space
Eyes Used for Tooth Support c30 2004/Imvated
A Capella Workshop c30 2004/Imvated
Abe Lincoln Towncar, split with PCRV c90 2005/self-released
Fok Rotkop Magazine (zine & compilation 3" CD) 2005/Rotkop
Ottoman Empirical Raga & other (almost) lost stories CDr 2005/Tochnit Aleph
Explanation Bias CDr 2005/Obscurica
These middling menfish will be salve for the Neverolution/Seisureoverseasyore CDr 2005/self-released
Tochnit Aleph 10.Burztag-Amplified Vegan Vok� C40 2005/Tochnit Aleph
Muusic for Hrummers c10 2005/self-released
Mollify and Roger: the matter of course for Baptists (worn as pants) c50 2006/Scrotum Records
Codger Balks for No Eel (Deal) c30 2006/self-released (later released as a split w/ Charles Balls) CDr/Beniffer Editions
Plagues the Lose c10 2006/self-released
All Ill/Intentional Luddite Vol.1 DVDr 2006/self-released
Melange-a-trois CDr 2006/EF Tapes
Verde-on-the-fly(Meridian) c40 2006/Palsy
One Way Compilation c60 2006/Stained Sheets Records
My Endangered Expressive Soil CDr 2006/self-released
Apt Titles Rapt for Able Tapestry Rapists c10 2006/self-released
Ranks w/ Guts-no, Purging on (by Nejimaki Chouzame) c0 2006/RFTS
A Good Mayo/pope Yokel CDr w/5" flexi 2006/Produck
Hmmm. Many hmmms. Shooting blanks w/ birthday brother C. CDr 2006/Audiobot
Split w/ Noggin, Eric Boros, Id M Theft Able CD 2006/Manufracture
Morning Films (Hank & Crank film scores) DVD 2006/Saccade Pictures
Crank con Carne (lmtd edition w/ bologna) CDr 2006/self-released
Live at Freaks End Future/Bootleg (#16) c60 2006/Puik
Masks Are Not Enough/collab w/ Fever Spoor CDr/booklet 2006/Anima Mal Nata
If A Tree Falls in the Forest, Can We Record It? (compilation) CDr 2006/Avant-Garde Farm Records
Split w/ Broken Penis Orchestra c20 2006/Psychform Records
Hip Hop Shop Sweepers (comp) CDr 2006/777 was 666
EBCSRFTS CDr 2007/joint release w/ Manufracture
Buddy if you like our music go to the vet CDr 2007/zh27
Scribbler's Diet (Indeed!) book 2007/Stained Sheets Records
Glory Tape and Trough of Beslubbering Fish c48 2007/Spaceless Jam
dens/i)sPit CDr 2007/self-released
Split w/Novasak CDr 2007/Swamp of Pus Media
My Two Dads split w/ PCRV c90 2007/self-released
Live Radio Centraal collab w/ Gastric Female, CDr 2007/Beniffer Editions
Bark King Haggard c15 2007/Barfing Dagger Recordings
The right male against a novel concept c90 2007/self-released
Fuchs-Octubre c20 2007/Psychform Records
Id M Theft Able/Crank Sturgeon @ Gallery 119 DVD 2007/Statutory Tape
A Tribute to Civilization (reissue) c10 2007/Huso Solutions
Pith Geist DVDr 2008/Mang Disc
HUSO SOLUTIONS pamphlet 2008/Huso Solutions
Matters of the (military) heart CDr 2008/Huso Solutions
Schlurfen! Shuffle! CDR 2008/Huso Solutions
Show the Love (compilation) CD 2008/Vatican Analog
HUSO SOLUTIONS 2 pamphlet 2008/Huso Solutions
Amputated Brain Stem (Suppression discography) CD 2008/CNPRecords
... w/CS (recycled cassette series) 2008/Huso Solutions
Onager Sass c40 2008/Cryptic Carousel
Basement Ape/Dupe, Terse, Mashacoustic 3"CDx2 2008/Faux Pas Recordings
V/A: (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000,00 MilliSeconds CD 2008/Ratskin Records
End Dreams Muster CDr 2008/Heretic Records
Gonna have a whole hand in the platter c22 2008/AEN
Crank Igloo CDr 2009/XVP, Astipalea
Vialka/Succes Planetaire International CD 2009/Manufracture, Dual Plover
Furb Itch c10 2009/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Sterile Garden c20 2009/ZUIVERGliederen
Vestiges A Priori c90 2009/Huso Solutions
Save some fuck 4 me! CDr 2009/Huso Solutions
(do that plural) c46 2009/Huso Solutions
V.A. People Skills (compilation) c60 2009/Cryptic Carousel
Dictaphonia Volume 6 (comp., microcassette!) 2010/Haltapes
Manual of F pamphlet 2010/Huso Solutions
Good Housekeeping CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Lowellives CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Record the smudge (don't take too long) CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music Vol.1 CD & Book 2010/Kochan;Impulsy Stetoskopu
Fjord's Four c46 2010/Huso Solutions
1-30 Secondert c10 2010/Huso Solutions
SWP CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Nectar of Frenzy c20 2010/Tape Reels for Eyes
Jones shortstory 2010/Huso Solutions
Lasting Whip c60 2010/Ratskin Records
Split w/ Styrofoam Sanchez 3" CDr 2010/Ratskin Records
On a fair amount of crack that summer, now you mention it... CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
The junk drawer is open/NorCal Noisefest Compilation CD 2010/NForg
Inadvertent Tree Chastity CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Second One Comp. Tape c60 2010/Hystertapes
Plentifold Gape & Lando CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Other Occasions Not Minded (collab w/ Lineland) 2011/Mutable Sounds/Web-release
St Doggery CDr 2011/Placenta Recordings
Gene Pool Preventative CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Overdose the Katatonic CDr 2011/O-T-K
Split w/ the Haters, PCRV, & Styrofoam Sanchez CDr 2011/Ratskin Records
Unctuous Peduncle c30 2011/Banned Productions
I never promised you a rose garden (comp) c45 2011/Nihilist Records
Mashacoustic CD 2011/Love Earth Music
Mathel Leaky CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Songs from a door c30 2011/Unread Records
Split w/ Scumearth CD 2011/Mattoid
Population Control Vol. 1 Compilation CDr 2011/Okto Media
Shoe me in for a caber, lad c90 2011/Huso Solutions
Applicant Interview CD & DVD 2012/Solace Media Corporation
Split w/ Kylie Minoise 3"CDr 2012/Debila Records
Stories From History/ Business Card CDr 2012/Gold Sounds
Hair on the Frozen 'Nial CDr & c62 2012/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Red SK & Jason EVIL Covelli CDr 2012/Trashfuck Records
In Plead of Schmaltz Pro c30 2012 Moon Machination
Basement Tapes One (comp) c45 2012/Basement Tapes
Fug Gum (comp) CD 2012/Chocolate Monk
Laws of Reality DVD 2012/Solace Media Corporation
Caspian Deluxe CD/tape/art/caviar tin 2012/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Endometrium Cuntplow c60 2012/Love Torture Records
PRE-MO zine 2013/Huso Solutions
Creatures with Err c90 2013/Huso Solutions
A Statistician's Intramural Crush (Split w/ Hal McGee) c60 2013/HalTapes
40 Garter Distention Span c32 2013/Huso Solutions
A latter-day ain't for tomorrow-land's burlap megaphone... CDr 2013/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Ginger Cortez c90 2013/Blistered Mind
Soup for Freak (comp) c90 2013/Rainbow Bridge Recordings
Sasquatch 2, collaborations with {AN} EeL CD 2013/OO
Husonaut c30 2013/Fluxus Montana
America Reads Eel of a Steel c30 2013/MoMA & HalTapes
Readymades Compilation of Arrangements c9 2013/Readymades Tapes
Ketone Pekid c30 2013/Readymades Tapes
Input Reddy the Triple Sics, Split w/ JML c30 2014/Rainbow Bridge
Hi-50 & Heaven's Left Shingling, c90 2014/8eminis
Sciatica, c20 2014/Scrotum Records
Lyme's Wide Infancy c30 2014/Readymades Tapes
Future Steps for an Ancient Fever Split w/ PCRV c30 2014/Fluxus MT
Mutaciones collab w/ Armenia, K2, PCRV c20 2014/Fluxus MT
Feverish Dimst, 3" CD & floppy 2014/Quagga Curious Sounds
Solidarity for Heads Erased, 3" CD 2014/Debila Records
Pendulous Louts, CDr 2014/Huso Solutions
Our New Bower, c30 2014/Beartown Records
Sentient on a Precious Syntax, c32 2014/Huso Solutions
Narrated by� (reissue of 40 Garter), c32 2015/Huso Solutions
A Son's Restraint & Ankle, c20 2015/Huso Solutions
Guapo Lunching & Meat Jacket, c30 2015/Huso Solutions
Sky Dander (expletive), c30 & microphone 2015/Huso Solutions
Crank Sturgeon has a meat jacket, c30 2015/Readymades Tapes
Dubious Elixir for Dire Retention, drilled cassette 2015/NONE Records
When the Seconds Hurt c20 2015/Huso Solutions
Piezoelectric Music Vol.1 (comp) c60 2015/Cryptic Carousel
Ugly Angels Through the Beards c62 2015/Huso Solutions
Split w/ PCRV c30 2015/Fluxus Montana
As Yedi Hoax or Scoda CDr 2015/Huso Solutions
R.O.E. CDr & contact mic 2015/Huso Solutions
Materialization of the Intangible, (collab w/ Ludo Mich) 7" 2015/Dead Mind Records
"19.11.2015", (Split w/ Michael Barthel & Olivier DiPlacido) CDr & Booklet 2015/Recordings for the Summer
Errs likely (whilst ye H)) CDr 2016/Huso Solutions
Trying Scythes When Oceans Throat c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Olivier DiPlacido c20 2016/La Republique Des Granges
Collared Out of Spates c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Twice Heathen Scent collab. w/ Olivier DiPlacido, c30 2016/Coherent States
Various Artists/Compilation 3" CDr 2016/Coherent States
Cup of Intention CDr 2016/edition KMB
All so utterly with their it c32 2016/Huso Solutions
Readymade Mondo Anthem! (comp) c80 2016/Black Horizons
NOOSPHERTILIZER IV (x2 c60 comp w/ art object) 2016/Aubjects
Acumen Haggard TLP & business card CDR 2016/Huso Solutions
BLIXA Artzine 4 (comp. zine & c90) 2016/BLIXA
Shudder Inking c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Business Carp Seedy CDr 2016/Huso Solutions
Cut Up America (comp/zine) triple cassette 2016/Factotum Tapes
(here for Miss Fish) A man shanty CDr 2017/Huso Solutions
Lugubrious Smother Clothes CDr 2017/Huso Solutions
Chords from the Angry Hordes c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Bed Bugs (compilation) c40 2017/Wee Space Tapes
Courtesy Milk Lottery c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Tres and Tress c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Forging Hay c30 2017/Orb Tapes
(cast) Omniwave Refresher film 2017/GX Jupitter-Larsen
When We Were Army c30 2017/ Huso Solutions
Clipper Lisps c20 2017/Huso Solutions
MidWest Harshfest III (comp) CD 2017/Trashfuck Records
Split w/ id m theft able c30 2017/UVL
Split w/ Mike Barrett c90 2017/Gilded Throne
Stitch Ouster CDr 2017/Huso Solutions
As read by c30/TLP* 2017/Huso Solutions
The Junior Classics TLP* 2017/Huso Solutions
When the Seconds Hurt (part 3) c32 2017/Huso Solutions
Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse (comp CD) 2017/Ratskin Records
Marsh Annoys CD 2018/LEM
As read by CDr/remix 2018/Huso Solutions
Bomb's Age Baby Air c30/reissue Sentient... 2014/2018/Huso Solutions
Conned Bravado c30/reissue Sentient... 2014/2018/Huso Solutions
America Eats its Young c30 2019/Huso Solutions
Vernacular Redactions c30 2019/Mostly Mayonnaise Musicalities
High Fiber Dire c30 2019/Tingo Tongo Tapes
Allied Ogre Softness c30 2019/Huso Solutions
Ogre Imply CDr 2019/Huso Solutions
I woke up unflappably counterfeited (book w/ Marcel Herms) 2019/Alien Buddha Press
Fyjk/Furd c30 2019/Falt Records
Split w/ Spreaders VHS 2019/BSHTapes
Noise in Theory & Practice (comp) CD 2019/NCNF23
Spurious Gist Mister c30 2019/Huso Soiultions
Transponder Milk Shave c20 noise object 2019/Huso Solutions
Petrichor.4 (zine) 2019/Petrichor
Fjorts 4 c60/reissue... 2010/2020/Huso Solutions
Tale of Plagues (comp) 2020/Tribe Tapes
Split w/ Matt Luczak c20 2020/Orb Tapes
En Bref split w/Nico Tracy c30 2020/Mutual Aid
Righteous Clare (one-off mixtape series) c50 2020/Huso Solutions
Rube Askew c21 2020/Huso Solutions
Sounds and Looks Like Life CD 2020/Electronic Cottage
Anxiety Detector Skit c30 2020/Tribe Tapes
Aught Ought Naught c30 2020/Huso Solutions
Triangle Delineations CDr 2020/Huso Solutions
TTT (Tingo, Teuth, Trnspndr reissue) CDr 2020/Huso Solutions
Archives Anti of the Bad Triangle Wearer Anthropomorph c30 2021/Detachment Programs
Improvised Combat (comp) c60 2021/Tribe Tapes
Split w/ Teuthis Galore c30 2022/Trashfuck Records
Dulles unt Huso CDr 2022/Chocolate Monk
Fleecing Thesis (online release) 2022/Huso Solutions



Yup, unfortunately, this is just a partial list. We have not included a number of online releases, mostly due to the fact that they can be difficult to track down, the record label closed their doors, life happened, etc - you get the idea. Additionally, there are a fair number of physical releases out there that have evaded capture. If anyone can provide details as to their whereabouts, sufficient rewards will be issued.