Crank Sturgeon works in performance, installation, and sound, and has been active since the early 1990's. A comical conceptualist, Crank is something of a misnomer: whether blending pun with the profane, or transforming the precious into an oil spill, a Sturgeon performance defies categorization. Accompanied by ridiculous costuming, pointed instructions and parables (gone awry), and even the occasional dirigible or two, these elements intertwine, transforming into space-defying interventions, and invariably involving audience participation. More than just possessing a predilection for the absurd, Crank wears the goggles of the perpetual optimist: infusing his processes with a classical struggle, and yet always with a leery salmon grin, awash in an undertow of delicious and celebratory noise...

Indefatigable, Crank Sturgeon performs at galleries, museums, and DIY spaces across the USA and Europe. Many of these visitations also feature interactive components such as constructing onsite art installations as well as directing technical workshops. For example, at the Boston Children's Museum, Crank created a hundred-day, transforming multimedia environment called "Overhear and Here", working with children to help celebrate the museum's centennial birthday. At the festival of the Sacred and Profane, Mr. Sturgeon performed in a life-size cardboard airplane suspended from the ceiling of a World War 2 bunker. During "Eyes Used for Tooth Support", a three week residency held at SPACE Gallery, Crank built collaborative installations, led hands-on workshops, produced films, and performed live works.

And the list is ever-growing! Crank Sturgeon has also been a visiting artist with Spindleworks, Brunswick, Maine; Sonic Bothy, Glasgow, UK; Kulttuuribingo, Oulu, Finland; NK Space, Berlin, Germany; Prague College, Prague, Czech Republic; Le Cabinet (gallery) and Haute ecole des arts du Rhin, Mulhouse, France; Kunstraum Michael Barthel, Leipzig, Germany; Grey Area Gallery, Brighton, UK; bei Koc, Hannover, Germany; HaMazkeka, Jerusalem, Israel; and CESTA, Tabor, Czech Republic.

Were if that not enough, there are the countless festivals spanning the globe. Crank has performed at the Tectonic Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel; Incubate 2014, Tilburg, Netherlands; Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen, Denmark; SXSW, Austin, Texas; Ende Tymes Festival, Queens, New York; Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Olympia, Washington; Denver Noise Festival, Denver, Colorado; Colour Out of Space Festival, Brighton, UK; Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, Montreal, Quebec; Festival PIEDNU, Le Havre, France; XFEST, Lowell, Massachusetts; Death Petrol, Antwerp, Belgium; WORM at the RAI, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Wez to Wyłasē, Warsaw, Poland; Chautaugua Art Lab, St. Louis, Missouri; Savage Weekend, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and the Antennae Festival, Paris, France.