U plotting hands? U plotting hands? Are you? Are You? YOU. Talking to you. Fucking quit staring and feeling sorry for yourself. I mean, what. What. WHAT. WHAT. Oh, okay.

U allotting hinds? No? Any signs of stuff yet? Do you give two or three fingers? Buttery? Jam?JAM. JAMMING. Regional. Remember tat for tit. It's silly to think otherwise.

U lottery has been's? IF so, when? Was a friend there to bear wittiness? Witness? Too much for you? Are you in the twisted revelations? Have you ever had any?

U lauding ham kisses?U lauding ham kisses?U lauding ham kisses?U lauding ham kisses?

U plowing hampers? Whoa, slow down there, mister. Reeady that ready reeeeeady corpse. READY THAT corpse, honey, shit shit shit… times be likely that remembering another way or tithe or Tim or other worms to be wary that the bearing bearishness capitulates

U applauding hank? It's silly to think otherwise. Shit's silly to think otherwise. Split's silly to think otherwise

U pee much? Only once every day or three times four and time isn't wincing or watching AND wouldn't you love it if they watched you pee?

U plausible hence? NO. Not really that often

U loaning pants? It's not often that we see this sort of thing that couldn't have had milk meaning in the past or present tenses voided or nullified by the proper text requisites

U loo or lee? Have you ever had any? Have you every had been another any? Have you never had any? Have you ever had any tricycles?

U lowering hexes? DAMN THEM. D A M N p o a ssssssss ium fucking fucking fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

U losing stands? Tree beards? Cotton jaw? Panting? Coughing, groveling, wall eye quality wall eyes to two if you had thousands to offer, and just try: $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ some more?

U allowing hides? What. WHAT. WHAT. Oh, okay. What. HAT. WHOA. Oh, okay.

U ought to be lickable? I mean it's okay if you're not, it's not like this is some fashionable sort of inquiry into your idea of coolness or not, I mean I wouldn't really worry too much

U hiding AM radios? Are you? Are you? Anyone care out there?

U owing hamsters? No, yes, whiling the time away with rodents of all sorts here, barnyard types, individualistic ones, Ayn Rand novels, pudding, feet, lice, lessons, bricks, skiing, shitting, shitting some more, glowing, growing, groaning, typing, wiping, hinting, figuring, fingers, windows of opportune moments lost forever