Well it's OK if you find that it's some girl gonna have to take a break because this is the moment moment is well kind of going to nine I would find that love you take prancer the Worcester upcoming exit the server Siri you know find out that traditional contrast color version is really jazzy the baby if you can fascinate that but particle residue into some different kind of day and continuing with the conversation you probably want to have something a little more to the point less to the task something more onerous are odious odious ahead I can actually actually did what you wanted it to do I can actually do what you wanted me with the upcoming Worcester exit server Siri did you know that server Siri did you know that server Siri did you know that it's a it's this thing actually does a pretty pretty fucking good job if you can pretty fucking yeah I see it's really getting my lingo down and understanding my voice it's getting you better forget what I'm gonna tell you are a maybe if I change my accent up at the little bit and try to talk a little bit faster and starred starred talk about non sequitur type stuff but maybe wood could be by I can start talking about non-Sequitur know the six really tracking my my shit it's really tracking my my rhinoceri Pollis see if you could do that my my my my refund no-no the police are coming to fuck your your your granddad I'm now now now now now now now dollars terrible terrible here now what if I am start talking about posting the photo copy paper and summer came over lunch and I've got real search up you're pretty good if you got is for your letters will but you could just subzero before maybe dirt road just trying to be an all get there kind of other service update about nature of the guarantor valve on the shirt you're not God guys guys I just want you to know guys guys I'll be the star of stuff inside while you are there going to go out there to forget your helmet and I was like no I'll be around like both Arizona and you know instead you got to be getting real real real soon resigned Europe I don't know if you want to chance getting closer RJ is getting all me an improvement plan for my want to going outside to consider that survived in the image asked Jim Jim to get my brand-new I did get your Donald's know that I was maybe that's the problem with Rob from first of the bill of the Lord is the Marianos of the refund of the of the of the versions dad and I at third and you couldn't grab the phone just got this so I general and Zigler and we got we got that should've Darr dying over your head and Jeanette. Hello hello hi hi hi. Hi. Ha ha. Ha ha. Hello hi hi ha ha. Period quotation marks.. Donto don't sure where Donto not sure where dance Dantes inferno you're gonna dance you're going to dance the Inferno inferno dance like the Sufi Sufi Danson surfing Safari soufflé your dad son Ted Danson safari network dad son Ted Danson cheers baby cheers baby cheers a whore a whore a whore Apple did a whore her a whore fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck that's not very pleasant. Period no no it's not no no no no no yeah no no no no no we're not yeah well you know don't dance and son is in a very pleasant sunny there and so if you're not going to dance on the very pleasant Sunday either then you're not gonna have any of the words that I'm gonna be getting on a Sunday so you better hurry up and enunciate very very quickly because if you don't enunciate very quickly the whole thing is gonna be done done done done done done do you understand me done we're not bad for transit transmit in my thoughts I can't really do just transitioning into my family and people playwjsns ana sh. Shahs siwb. Wow. Queue day durians zjdydjq s. He did Shen. Sucks dn. Sis s. Is. Is sHi and. Is. NzjeoeHi didn't jfogmgmh v. Of Ddddmc. Kiddie don't. Kris Dixie dn I. Did. N jdjdnchcurisakfofn. I u n if fox. Q it is fun it is fun it is fun quitting is fun quitting is fun quitting is fine my thoughts I can't really do transitioning to my family people playing playing with stuff like that while Q day Durands Durands Dareenes Derann Derann Derann is onions Durene Duran Duran I'm in the rain Duran Duran three onions to rain ran in the rain on in do rant you ran play rides doing rings onion rings playwrights doing onion rings onion rings and oil oil oil You're OK yeah no you're good no good no good thoughts in my head actually be there might actually be a little bit better better better better getting better for your slow we are on our your world🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐟🐳🐋🐳 for Grove for your OK or no you're good no good no thoughts in my head actually been mine are slipping a little better better better getting mom about mom how about mom how about your mom like the blowfish blowfish mom you like the blowfish spouting oil's for considering oil's spotting oil snow I said wales considering that whale oil has nothing to consider inside the whale oil has stopped though the snow is still qq qqqqqzsssssssssssjhgufuttyrutxyfufyfft. If. I I Jc and i'm really hoping the term really we've got some good measures of year but this kind of thing one extend some wonderful graciousness the Kingsville Road is this the king will rise Kingsville no that's not ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha ha!!!! Hello you got what I was going to happen you got to stop the car while goodie bags are the stop with the Burger Burger on the hub bars doesn't work doesn't work but you got a ride over God to grant for what you done to drive me wherever define I have another camera better just have to know you got brother of the stuff to Murfreesboro director call man how to perfect it still going we're going we're still got company near perfect going to try to button on the trailer button going to try to button button button of just got two stars Bring down some more because of your brother John never going to have the stuff to make sure the things are all plugged in correctly because uuuyou got to get all the corrections gone you don't have the good corrections going it's just not going to Florida play back so I understand Florida it's a good night song but the camera better just have you know the Murphreesboro and stuff ✒️📎🔍🔗✏️🔗🔍🔗🔍🖋📍📌📌📌crank is trrrrrrrrrrrrrftfffgffrfrrf more bottles than you ever have buttons

Do you Skyland the stroke unit grout on them out of dance Junior made it back up should I don't throw up I don't know her I know I don't drive down download I don't but the time you first got to go to gym at six Dominic house fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck can you call let go of you Don Don Don Don how long from the no no no no no I said gone gone gone gone gone wrong got good no cry key key Clara got the wrong call Brock but you can't dance Junior made it back on the ocean from do you got no I'll drag you fuck only Arlyne is all just Julian stuff down remain clean the calendar to W9 is that all the room trim limbs trimmed got can you do 91 is out the door with the holy Lord Lord cancel God you 11,000 million trillion holy garlic Gooley grandpa plans include door foghorn Clara got wrong bra but I don't you got grandpa boule phone I don't you Poppins very interesting very interesting Poppins is very Poppins Mary Mary marriage good consequence trim where did she stop child of God requires rather start of this can you turn gray foam baggage so dancing in might've confused you I might've confused you I might've confused you I'm out of confused you🌾 yes sir 00 think you got are you guess are you got wired to you Siri are you free March 3 so you guys can I think you're not luck to you got you got not read or on their channel you Gotta not right around that you got black to think a definite red Robin you got locked Lotsa luck you know I love the word got I love God I love the night rider channel I love that I love the letter and I love the look I like Sundays well well well well well we'll see where you can come and see what your family member is Family is like having a good family and you know other families is the capital F friendly friends on family got a black black you got black to think a definite red Robin you got locked in Alisa no it's not what I said to him well perhaps to the red Robin isn't so lucky weather Channel not right with the right right wing populist movement and stuff with them hey hate you ever you going to actually do what I think you're gonna i'm going to just keep going just keep going 2122 to do you want me to bring to you while me not to report can't keep proof read comp sit sit sit cat Coop T to talk through through I'll talk to you touch is Tico Love to you go through your room room foot T cool hope I need need need yay yeah yeah EHT E uncle a memo in Nome roof switch putting up corn's King of the throne turn trailer just a freaking friend go off half man you got water figures going to make how do you draw hood hood do you do you draw do you draw do you draw a bowl bowl are you good do you read the letter should get food ha ha Chris can only call I'm still by the crib student currently at church shrimp shrimp shrimp call switch it to Terry yeah yeah yeah yes dirt earlier train find a joke taker for food do you set up a call 919 Turner dynamite I'm not someone 21 to 9 no string no you got that you how would you know Siri play does show Shannon what do you hydrate Fred Fred Fred Fred and send out king king Suite 3 1/2 44488 question which question are high and say hello I'm home but fuck him pump pump pump pump pump Love love on call on call me oh come at me, unionize I got on clear notions go to sought on my oceans you know what you got what what what you Gotta know you were dad going to take Macon my shower you'll need to diagnose why Dari I do know search blues Dan why do I suck no diagnose no why do I got no you don't understand why you are diagnose why can't you say diagnose why are you got all day thank you good bloodletting will happen at 11 o'clock o'clock good bloodletting will happen finally you're able to understand my my enunciate will you enunciated be able to go understand my enunciation proclamation problem Razee to confuse you when your guy do it Rozet wall you get from Fargo for lunch I'm a fucking cock man can sharpen your on the beds and stuff Gagnef and spa I want seems to be wow it seems to be on.