O-Fish-All Crank Sturgeon Disco-Graphy


Crank Ciudad c30 1992/self-released
Crank Navidad c30 1992/self-released
Killing Still Lifes c100 1993/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Knifeboat Youth Brigade c120 1993/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Radio Six & Other Dead Still Life c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Sonata for a Police State c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Play the Bleughsturgeon c30 1994/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Wham-o c40 1994/Union Pole/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Negro c60 1994/Fusetron/Muckraker/Giardia
Vida Ruido c60 1995/Bobby J Records
Varied Purges de Nada c30 1995/Chocolate Monk
Onemancrankfolksturgeon c30 1995/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Cicada Ciguena c30 1995/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Crank ESP c30 1995/EFTapes
PØLSE: Benefit for the Rag c30 1995/Chocolate Monk
Collostomaquina c60 1995/Deadline Records
Americanoise (compilation) c120 1995/Mother Savage
EF Unplugged (compilation) c60 1995/EFTapes
Sound of Samsara (complilation) c120X2 1995/EFTapes
Split w/Wham-o, Pork Queen, King Frog 7"x2 1995/Bobby J Records
Acipenser Ziggurat c30 1996/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Esturgeonium Fanciumdada Internacionales 12" LP 1996/Fusetron
El Libro Huso VHS 1996/self-released/Crank Incorporado
Split w/ Paisano c46 1996/self-released/Broken Dobro
USUFRUCT split w/John Dwyer c30 1997/self-released
A Whole within a Hole, split cassette w/Richard Ramirez 1997/Deadline Records
Split w/ Godstomper c60 1997/Cesspool Records
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (VHS compilation) 1997/Stomach Ache
2:00 Matinee (compilation) CD 1997/RRRecords
My Baby Does Good Sculptures (compilation) CD 1997/Bananafish/Tedium House
Collaboration w/ Humectant Interruption c46 1998/Spite
De Buttes c30 1998/self-released
Septembryos c30 1998/self-released
H2O in the FM (ample watery demixer and broadcast) c30 1998/self-released
RRR500 (500 lock groove compilation) 12" LP 1998/RRRecords
Audio Terrorism (compilation) CD 1998/CNP
Bloated to Full Capacity Bloodsucker, collaboration w/ Suppression 7" 1998/CNP
Collaboration w/ Skincrime CDrx2 1998/Solipsism
Depth Charge Gamelan c30 1998/self-released
Eepman Sez (compilation) CDr 1999/ELP
Collaboration W/ GI & The Spykes c30 1999/American Tapes
RRRecycled c30 1999/RRRecords
A Butte for Huso c46X4 2000/Spite
Nein Ruckus Ot ot c30 2000/Freesound Recordings
The Secrets of Men c32 2000/self-released
Boiled Baby Huso in Savory Sturgeon Oil c32X3 2000/self-released
Archipel and Encrustate c32X2 2000/self-released
You are all very good sturgeon c10 2000/self-released
Is reverence here (remixes by Witcyst) c90 2000/Life Space
Trout Mouthed and Fish-eyed Leering VHS 2000/self-released
Coven of Psychic Nurses, collaboration w/ Critical Theatre c60 2001/self-released
I love you very much you're so brave c10 2001/self-released
Crattleer Bingh C32 2001/self-released
Passion (of Crank Sturgeon) c10 2001/self-released
Your instructional kit enclosed C32/T-shirt/caviar tin 2001/self-released
Sounds from the Fuck You Movement (compilation) CD 2001/CNP
Perambulator Work Tape c32 2001/Freedom From
Mic Gravy for Freek (compilation) by Decaer Pinga CDr 2001/Starlight Furniture Co
Call of the Wild (compilation) VHS 2001/RRRecords
For Maps Brupt Ropte Shipt c32 2001/self-released
Breakfast with Crank Sturgeon VHS (short) 2001/Walter Wright
Pod for Accoutrement CDr 2002/Mang Disc
Split w/ Mike Shiflet c60 2002/ Gameboy Records
Huita EEl c30 2002/self-released
Black Circle Cod c30 2002/self-released
One Hun and Twenty c30 2002/self-released
Spoken Word by Noise Artists (compilation) CDr 2002/EFTapes & Breathmint
Split Your Ears (Pleasure Idiomat)/Split w/ Discotheque Gronland CDr 2002/Stillstand Records
Motion Pict Saur CDr 2002/XVP
Antiquations Dutch Hoax, collab. w/ Truck Van Rental c30 2002/self-released
Michiana, split w/ Due Process CDr 2002/RRRecords
Breakfast with Crank Sturgeon, collaboration w/ Boyd Nutting CDr/2002/RRRecords
Be Very Afraid "Electronica Obscura" (compilation) CD 2002/Dead Mind Records
Experiments in da Hinterland (compilation) CDr 2002/Sonic Alchemy
Life's Great Rewards c30 2002/self-released
Split w/ Kadef c10 2003/ RFTS
SOUN (compilation) 7" 2003/Gameboy Records
Truck Van Sturgeon Collaborations CDr & Booklet 2003/Hondenkoekjesfabriek
The Portable Hake Atavist 3" CDr 2003/Mang Disc
split w/ The Nautilus Deconstruction c10 2003/RFTS
Imperative Field Decorder (snorkel tube with bottom-feeder microphones installed) CDr 2003/self-released
Upon My Discovery of the Huso Dead Pan Lair, 12 " LP 2003/RRRecords
Split w/ Ripit & Seimers, CDr 2003/RRs.R
Chamber Music, Mystic Out-Bop Review meets Rev. Crank Sturgeon CDr 2003/Aria Arts Recordings
Hora for a BIG FISH whore, CDr 2003/Rape Art
Promotional Video By... VHS 2003/self-inflicted
Good Looking Communists, Tochnit Aleph Punk Series Vol.3 (remixes), 12" EP 2003/Tochnit Aleph
Cottage Industrial Vol.1 (compilation) CDr 2003/Humbug
Live at Akumulator, split w/Susipank CDr 2003/Susipank
The Date Fork Seeps the River (compilation) 12" LP 2003/Nauscopy Records
Hubris Huso Whoso Antebellum, CDr 2003/self-released
Split w/ Tote Stadt, CDr & c60 2003/Scrotum Records
E-Z Voiceover Box-Top Living Solutions, 7" 2003/Humbug
de Hondenkoekjesfabriek 2003 (compilation) CDr 2003/Hondenkoekjesfabriek
Rotkop #7 (sport issue) (zine & compilation CD) 2003/Rotkop
Dixieland, split w/ XV Parowek CDr 2004/XVP
Greatest Dicks 3, Cock ESP w/ remixed guest appearances 3" CD 2004/Breathmint
030303: Half the Beast, Just You and I (collaboration w/ Id M Theft Able) CDr 2004/Mang Disc
Old Cholk Codger Hereparts (ie., Hooligan Epochs, Atlas Thugged) CDr 2004/Audiobot
Crank Sturgeon has a combover landscape tapir CDr 2004/self-released
The Secrets of Men (reissue) CDr 2004/self-released
Crank Sturgeon Builds DREAM HOME CDr 2004/self-released
Impermeable Michael c10 2004/self-released
Miss Latimer's Gift c30 2004/Gameboy Records
Barely Parable (seizure overseas yore series) c30 2004/self-released
Split w/ Gastric Female Reflex 7" 2004/Beniffer Editions/Gold Sounds
Crankt Sturgeon Hause (remixes by Witcyst) CDrX2 2004/Life Space
Eyes Used for Tooth Support c30 2004/Imvated
A Capella Workshop c30 2004/Imvated
Abe Lincoln Towncar, split with PCRV c90 2005/self-released
Fok Rotkop Magazine (zine & compilation 3" CD) 2005/Rotkop
Ottoman Empirical Raga & other (almost) lost stories CDr 2005/Tochnit Aleph
Explanation Bias CDr 2005/Obscurica
These middling menfish will be salve for the Neverolution/Seisureoverseasyore CDr 2005/self-released
Tochnit Aleph 10.Burztag-Amplified Vegan Vok� C40 2005/Tochnit Aleph
Muusic for Hrummers c10 2005/self-released
Mollify and Roger: the matter of course for Baptists (worn as pants) c50 2006/Scrotum Records
Codger Balks for No Eel (Deal) c30 2006/self-released (later released as a split w/ Charles Balls) CDr/Beniffer Editions
Plagues the Lose c10 2006/self-released
All Ill/Intentional Luddite Vol.1 DVDr 2006/self-released
Melange-a-trois CDr 2006/EF Tapes
Verde-on-the-fly(Meridian) c40 2006/Palsy
One Way Compilation c60 2006/Stained Sheets Records
My Endangered Expressive Soil CDr 2006/self-released
Apt Titles Rapt for Able Tapestry Rapists c10 2006/self-released
Ranks w/ Guts-no, Purging on (by Nejimaki Chouzame) c0 2006/RFTS
A Good Mayo/pope Yokel CDr w/5" flexi 2006/Produck
Hmmm. Many hmmms. Shooting blanks w/ birthday brother C. CDr 2006/Audiobot
Split w/ Noggin, Eric Boros, Id M Theft Able CD 2006/Manufracture
Morning Films (Hank & Crank film scores) DVD 2006/Saccade Pictures
Crank con Carne (lmtd edition w/ bologna) CDr 2006/self-released
Live at Freaks End Future/Bootleg (#16) c60 2006/Puik
Masks Are Not Enough/collab w/ Fever Spoor CDr/booklet 2006/Anima Mal Nata
If A Tree Falls in the Forest, Can We Record It? (compilation) CDr 2006/Avant-Garde Farm Records
Split w/ Broken Penis Orchestra c20 2006/Psychform Records
Hip Hop Shop Sweepers (comp) CDr 2006/777 was 666
EBCSRFTS CDr 2007/joint release w/ Manufracture
Buddy if you like our music go to the vet CDr 2007/zh27
Scribbler's Diet (Indeed!) book 2007/Stained Sheets Records
Glory Tape and Trough of Beslubbering Fish c48 2007/Spaceless Jam
dens/i)sPit CDr 2007/self-released
Split w/Novasak CDr 2007/Swamp of Pus Media
My Two Dads split w/ PCRV c90 2007/self-released
Live Radio Centraal collab w/ Gastric Female, CDr 2007/Beniffer Editions
Bark King Haggard c15 2007/Barfing Dagger Recordings
The right male against a novel concept c90 2007/self-released
Fuchs-Octubre c20 2007/Psychform Records
Id M Theft Able/Crank Sturgeon @ Gallery 119 DVD 2007/Statutory Tape
A Tribute to Civilization (reissue) c10 2007/Huso Solutions
Pith Geist DVDr 2008/Mang Disc
HUSO SOLUTIONS pamphlet 2008/Huso Solutions
Matters of the (military) heart CDr 2008/Huso Solutions
Schlurfen! Shuffle! CDR 2008/Huso Solutions
Show the Love (compilation) CD 2008/Vatican Analog
HUSO SOLUTIONS 2 pamphlet 2008/Huso Solutions
Amputated Brain Stem (Suppression discography) CD 2008/CNPRecords
... w/CS (recycled cassette series) 2008/Huso Solutions
Onager Sass c40 2008/Cryptic Carousel
Basement Ape/Dupe, Terse, Mashacoustic 3"CDx2 2008/Faux Pas Recordings
V/A: (Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000,00 MilliSeconds CD 2008/Ratskin Records
End Dreams Muster CDr 2008/Heretic Records
Gonna have a whole hand in the platter c22 2008/AEN
Crank Igloo CDr 2009/XVP, Astipalea
Vialka/Succes Planetaire International CD 2009/Manufracture, Dual Plover
Furb Itch c10 2009/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Sterile Garden c20 2009/ZUIVERGliederen
Vestiges A Priori c90 2009/Hus Solutions
Save some fuck 4 me! CDr 2009/Huso Solutions
(do that plural) c46 2009/Huso Solutions
V.A. People Skills (compilation) c60 2009/Cryptic Carousel
Dictaphonia Volume 6 (comp., microcassette!) 2010/Haltapes
Manual of F pamphlet 2010/Huso Solutions
Good Housekeeping CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Lowellives CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Record the smudge (don't take too long) CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music Vol.1 CD & Book 2010/Kochan;Impulsy Stetoskopu
Fjord's Four c46 2010/Huso Solutions
1-30 Secondert c10 2010/Huso Solutions
SWP CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Nectar of Frenzy c20 2010/Tape Reels for Eyes
Jones shortstory 2010/Huso Solutions
Lasting Whip c60 2010/Ratskin Records
Split w/ Styrofoam Sanchez 3" CDr 2010/Ratskin Records
On a fair amount of crack that summer, now you mention it... CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
The junk drawer is open/NorCal Noisefest Compilation CD 2010/NForg
Inadvertent Tree Chastity CDr 2010/Huso Solutions
Second One Comp. Tape c60 2010/Hystertapes
Plentifold Gape & Lando CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Other Occasions Not Minded (collab w/ Lineland) 2011/Mutable Sounds/Web-release
St Doggery CDr 2011/Placenta Recordings
Gene Pool Preventative CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Overdose the Katatonic CDr 2011/O-T-K
Split w/ the Haters, PCRV, & Styrofoam Sanchez CDr 2011/Ratskin Records
Unctuous Peduncle c30 2011/Banned Productions
I never promised you a rose garden (comp) c45 2011/Nihilist Records
Mashacoustic CD 2011/Love Earth Music
Mathel Leaky CDr 2011/Huso Solutions
Songs from a door c30 2011/Unread Records
Split w/ Scumearth CD 2011/Mattoid
Population Control Vol. 1 Compilation CDr 2011/Okto Media
Shoe me in for a caber, lad c90 2011/Huso Solutions
Applicant Interview CD & DVD 2012/Solace Media Corporation
Split w/ Kylie Minoise 3"CDr 2012/Debila Records
Stories From History/ Business Card CDr 2012/Gold Sounds
Hair on the Frozen 'Nial CDr & c62 2012/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Red SK & Jason EVIL Covelli CDr 2012/Trashfuck Records
In Plead of Schmaltz Pro c30 2012 Moon Machination
Basement Tapes One (comp) c45 2012/Basement Tapes
Fug Gum (comp) CD 2012/Chocolate Monk
Laws of Reality DVD 2012/Solace Media Corporation
Caspian Deluxe CD/tape/art/caviar tin 2012/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Endometrium Cuntplow c60 2012/Love Torture Records
PRE-MO zine 2013/Huso Solutions
Creatures with Err c90 2013/Huso Solutions
A Statistician's Intramural Crush (Split w/ Hal McGee) c60 2013/HalTapes
40 Garter Distention Span c32 2013/Huso Solutions
A latter-day ain't for tomorrow-land's burlap megaphone... CDr 2013/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Ginger Cortez c90 2013/Blistered Mind
Soup for Freak (comp) c90 2013/Rainbow Bridge Recordings
Sasquatch 2, collaborations with {AN} EeL CD 2013/OO
Husonaut c30 2013/Fluxus Montana
America Reads Eel of a Steel c30 2013/MoMA & HalTapes
Readymades Compilation of Arrangements c9 2013/Readymades Tapes
Ketone Pekid c30 2013/Readymades Tapes
Input Reddy the Triple Sics, Split w/ JML c30 2014/Rainbow Bridge
Hi-50 & Heaven's Left Shingling, c90 2014/8eminis
Sciatica, c20 2014/Scrotum Records
Lyme's Wide Infancy c30 2014/Readymades Tapes
Future Steps for an Ancient Fever Split w/ PCRV c30 2014/Fluxus MT
Mutaciones collab w/ Armenia, K2, PCRV c20 2014/Fluxus MT
Feverish Dimst, 3" CD & floppy 2014/Quagga Curious Sounds
Solidarity for Heads Erased, 3" CD 2014/Debila Records
Pendulous Louts, CDr 2014/Huso Solutions
Our New Bower, c30 2014/Beartown Records
Sentient on a Precious Syntax, c32 2014/Huso Solutions
Narrated by (reissue of 40 Garter), c32 2015/Huso Solutions
A Son's Restraint & Ankle, c20 2015/Huso Solutions
Guapo Lunching & Meat Jacket, c30 2015/Huso Solutions
Sky Dander (expletive), c30 & microphone 2015/Huso Solutions
Crank Sturgeon has a meat jacket, c30 2015/Readymades Tapes
Dubious Elixir for Dire Retention, drilled cassette 2015/NONE Records
When the Seconds Hurt c20 2015/Huso Solutions
Piezoelectric Music Vol.1 (comp) c60 2015/Cryptic Carousel
Ugly Angels Through the Beards c62 2015/Huso Solutions
Split w/ PCRV c30 2015/Fluxus Montana
As Yedi Hoax or Scoda CDr 2015/Huso Solutions
R.O.E. CDr & contact mic 2015/Huso Solutions
Materialization of the Intangible, (collab w/ Ludo Mich) 7" 2015/Dead Mind Records
"19.11.2015", (Split w/ Michael Barthel & Olivier DiPlacido) CDr & Booklet 2015/Recordings for the Summer
errs likely (whilst ye H)) CDr 2016/Huso Solutions
Trying Scythes When Oceans Throat c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Split w/ Olivier DiPlacido c20 2016/La Republique Des Granges
Collared Out of Spates c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Twice Heathen Scent collab. w/ Olivier DiPlacido, c30 2016/Coherent States
Various Artists/Compilation 3" CDr 2016/Coherent States
Cup of Intention CDr 2016/edition KMB
All so utterly with their it c32 2016/Huso Solutions
Readymade Mondo Anthem! (comp) c80 2016/Black Horizons
NOOSPHERTILIZER IV (x2 c60 comp w/ art object) 2016/Aubjects
Acumen Haggard TLP & business card CDR 2016/Huso Solutions
BLIXA Artzine 4 (comp. zine & c90) 2016/BLIXA
Shudder Inking c30 2016/Huso Solutions
Business Carp Seedy CDr 2016/Huso Solutions
Cut Up America (comp/zine) triple cassette 2016/Factotum Tapes
(here for Miss Fish) A man shanty CDr 2017/Huso Solutions
Lugubrious Smother Clothes CDr 2017/Huso Solutions
Chords from the Angry Hordes c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Bed Bugs (compilation) c40 2017/Wee Space Tapes
Courtesy Milk Lottery c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Tres and Tress c30 2017/Huso Solutions
Forging Hay c30 2017/Orb Tapes
When We Were Army c30 2017/ Huso Solutions
Clipper Lisps c20 2017/Huso Solutions
MidWest Harshfest III (comp) CD 2017/Trashfuck Records



Yup, this just is a partial list. Online releases are not included (not that we begrudge them for their efforts, it's just hard to keep track of 'em all). That said, record labels that have released CS without our permission or have published our shit without giving us copies are most definitely and fervently disavowed here parts.